Solidarity with the Champaign Federation of Teachers

As you probably know, due to the actions of the Champaign Unit 4 School Board and Administration, it is quite likely that our sisters and brothers of the Champaign Federation of Teachers will be forced to strike to get a fair contract. You can review the current offers from either side if you click here. The strike date is currently set for Monday, November 26, just one week away.
I realize that we are entering a holiday week, but I am asking you all to do what you can to help our comrades prepare or to help them ward off the need for a strike.

1) Please reach out to the Champaign School Board, and urge them to reach agreement with the teachers. The members of the School Board are:
Chris Kloeppel* (Board President)
Amy Armstrong* (Vice President)
Kathy Shannon*
Kathy Richards*
Heather Vazquez
Gianina Baker
Bruce Brown
*up for re-election in spring, 2019
Contact information for them is at: https://www.champaignschools.org/pages/board/members

2) Here is a link to a gofundme campaign to support the teachers while they are on strike:

3) Here is a link to a gofundme campaign to support the students who rely on school programs for 1-2 of their meals each day:

If you or your local is looking for additional ways to support the Teachers, please contact Jon Nadler at jnadler@ift-aft.org.

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