Raises And Back Pay Update

AFSCME 3700! Pay Raise/Back Pay:If you haven’t already, you should see your increase on the paycheck paid out today. (Wednesday, June 22, 2022) Now that the wage increase has gone into effect, retro pay is being calculated and distributed in the upcoming pay checks. As these payments may be processed slightly different in different departments/colleges, there’s a possibility that not all will go out on the same date. Please let us know if you don’t receive the wage increase this pay period. Please also let us know if you don’t receive any back pay within two pay periods. (Give it until the paycheck received on July 20.)
Campus Raise Announcement:The Chancellor’s office announced a campus raise of 3.5% starting in August of 2022. This is excellent news! Everyone who is eligible for the 2% across the board raise will get 3.5% instead because we demanded and got language that guarantees the higher rate. 

The only two groups who won’t be affected by the campus wage are Extension Community Outreach Workers and Work Program Participants and Child Development Lab Assistants, Associates, and Supervisors. In bargaining, we fought hard to be sure to frontload increases for these groups as much as possible to get your wages up right away.  These well-deserved raises in year one of this contract should be in effect right now. (Please see above.) The rates for both Community Workers and Child Development Lab groups are outlined in the contract summary here. Get Involved:If you are interested in getting more involved, please let us know. We have a place to plug you in that is commensurate with your personal talents and interests. Save the Dates:Our June Quarterly Membership Meeting was in the Illini Union on June 14. We greatly appreciate all who attended. We have two upcoming events. More information will come, so save the dates.

Solidarity Summer
Saturday, August 6, 2022We did it! We got a contract! It was hard-fought and we thank everyone who was involved in putting pressure on management to give us what we deserve!
Quarterly Membership meeting:Tuesday, September 13, 2022.“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
Get Involved:Right now, we are seeking individuals with good social and communication skills to join our Member Action Team. If you enjoy talking to people, this would be a perfect fit. You will be responsible for  communicating updates to up to ten of your union brothers and/or sisters. You will keep them updated on union events and issues and report back their concerns so we can act on them.

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