Call for Stewards

Together, we leverage the power of our movement to raise standards for all.

Elizabeth Shuler

Have you considered becoming more active in your Union? Would you like to be a Union Steward? What does a Union Steward do? Union Stewards help enforce the contract between Management and you, the worker. 

You don’t believe that you are being paid correctly? It’s in the contract. Are you being asked to perform work off the clock? It’s in the contract. Are you being given work that’s outside your title? It’s in the contract. 

Unsure about leave policy? Contract.

Parking fees? Contract.

Dignity in the workplace? Contract.

If you’re interested in becoming a Steward, have additional questions about how you can get more involved, or would like to sign up for training, please reach out to President Greg Brannan at president@afscme3700.org

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