Call for Stewards

Together, we leverage the power of our movement to raise standards for all. Elizabeth Shuler Have you considered becoming more active in your Union? Would you like to be a Union Steward? What does a Union Steward do? Union Stewards help enforce the contract between Management and you, the worker.  You don’t believe that you… Continue reading Call for Stewards


Solidarity Summer Celebration 3700 & 698

AFSCME 3700!  Solidarity Summer Celebration: All members in good standing and your families are cordially invited to celebrate our contract, our solidarity within our local, our solidarity with our sister local 698, our solidarity within AFSCME Council 31 and AFSCME International, and our solidarity with other sister unions both locally and throughout the International community.Our Celebration… Continue reading Solidarity Summer Celebration 3700 & 698


Raises And Back Pay Update

AFSCME 3700! Pay Raise/Back Pay:If you haven't already, you should see your increase on the paycheck paid out today. (Wednesday, June 22, 2022) Now that the wage increase has gone into effect, retro pay is being calculated and distributed in the upcoming pay checks. As these payments may be processed slightly different in different departments/colleges, there’s a possibility… Continue reading Raises And Back Pay Update


Contract/Raises Update

AFSCME 3700 and 698 / Stronger Together!Raises and Back Pay! AFSCME 3700! Contract Processing:We have been working with management since ratification to get the contract finalized and put into effect. Management has committed to issuing both our raises and our back pay by the end of the month. We continue to push for a timely implementation… Continue reading Contract/Raises Update